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English Language Arts

Welcome to English 9, Honors English 9, English 10, AP Lang., and Peer Counseling!
These classes are all about becoming stronger learners: curious, creative, critical, communicative, caring, and able to solve problems by devising intelligent solutions.
The world is a complex place and you have a very important role in both understanding it and changing it.  I hope this class will support you to do both. We will explore questions about the human condition, people's struggles, technology, and visions of what life and society could and should be like.
You will read, write, and engage in meaningful discussions.  If you have not liked reading before this, you will grow to. And if you already love reading, you will connect and think more deeply about what you read.  You will work with your classmates to create an academic community so that you can all take risks, learn, and be your best. 
My desire is to support you for college, multiple careers, and life as a responsible global citizen. 
During this period of crisis learning online, I will hold Office Hours (for students and families) every Monday from 12:40-1:15pm. 
When you log in, make sure your full school name is listed on your device so I can admit you from the waiting room.  I want to see you! But if I don't recognize your name, I cannot admit you.
If you need to communicate with me, please do so on Schoology or email me at
I look forward to our work together as teacher, students and parents/families!